Friday, May 27, 2011

Villa Paola

My mom and I work for some Italian artist here on Maui and they often have visitors to their home where they have a beautiful cottage that is decorated with their art as well as all the charm of Hawaii and Italy. Their art is exquisite! You can meet them here at their website Twins Fine Art.

They asked me to create a welcome package for the visitors that come, something that reflects Hawaii and the Villa as well. 

Photo Courtesy of Villa Paola Maui
This plaque is hanging right on the wall as you enter the outdoor area of the cottage. As you can see it is pretty detailed and beautiful. It was pretty impossible to exactly match the design on the border so I instead used the marbling technique with similar colors in the corresponding areas.

 Being that the Twins are artist, I was a little nervous to show them the cookies but they loved them and one of them even called the cookies, "Little Works of Art" :)

So, if you plan on visiting Villa Paola any time soon, you can expect some sugarHI creations too!

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