Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Three Little Ladies...

These come with a little bit of a story....  Once upon a time there were 3 lovely ladies, and they happen to live quite a ways away.  These 3 ladies have had a "thing" inspired by nature, that identified them almost as much as their names. 

..... (and may I just say, we go WAY back.  And no matter how far away she may be, she will ALWAYS be one of my nearest & dearest friends, and would HAS jumped on a plane the second I needed her! 

Her specialty is.........LADYBUGS!  

{I actually kinda got attached to these guys, and had fun "posing" them!}
Special Lady # 2.........

Katie is our daisy girl.  So I had fun by adding a ladybug to her daisy.

And last but definitely not least.......#3

 You guessed it.....  BUTTERFLIES!

{For this one I actually used yellow sanding sugar then decided to do 
an overlay of icing on top which really helped to make the cookie look more elegant.}

And now, here they all are together on a big giant leaf!

Well there you go! Now, my question to you is, what's your special something?  
Is it a flower, an animal, a bug?  
I must say, I've had several over the years.  Hmmmmm, maybe I should make a set of cookies of all of them!

Hope you enjoyed!

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