Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Summer!!

So the kids have been BEGGING us to do some cookies for their classmates. Every time there are extras, my daughters beg to take them to school to share with teachers and friends. I had planned on doing some cute bags of minis, maybe some suns or beach balls but then we got busy. We had multiple orders for the same week and  were running out of time!

I figured that between my girls and Anjell's son there was about 75+ students and one large cookie per kid would be faster and easier than 5 or so minis per kid. (Thats like 375+ itty bitty little cookies to decorate!)

So I baked up a bunch of big sun shaped cookies with the intention of adding smiles and sunglasses and personalized labels. The night before the last day of school came along and I was exhausted so the Mr. Sun's turned into "Happy Summer! cookies with pretty yellow ribbon. I was a little disappointed cause I just knew the Mr. Suns and matching labels would be SO cute but when  I saw my kids come home and tell me that basically most friends just ripped open the package before even making it home...I felt a lot better and keeping it simple this time!! LOL!! Plus I was happy with how they ended up anyways :)

Here's a pic of all the cookies wrapped and ready for a whole lot of 1st, 2nd and 4th graders to enjoy...and a few other projects we were working on that week too....more posts on those to come soon :)

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