Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miss. Bunny

Lesa, my awesome hair stylist :) asked me to make some cookies for one of her friends/clients. Lesa, and many others, call her Miss. Bunny! She is a retired school teacher and the kids had a hard time saying her real name. So she asked them what they wanted to call her and they said Bunny...and it stuck! So here are some special cookies made just for Miss. Bunny!!

This was first attempt at bunnies and they were lots of fun. I went back and forth with to use whiskers or not and ended up with out. The whiskers kinda made it  look like a funky cat instead of a! I also played a little with the words. The top right hand bunny has "fuzzy" letters. I used clear sanding sugar for that one. I tried some nonpareils for the tail but preferred the clear sanding sugar there as well. 

Lesa said the cookies were a hit and well received :) Another successful batch and happy recipient :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ali Bee's Give Away :)

Head over to Ali Bee's Bake Shop! Shes doing an awesome giveaway!! The winner gets ONE DOZEN of her awesome of your choice!! I hope, I hope, I hope I win!!! I'd be happy if YOU win too...but please will you share with me if you do :)

Check it out!! Ali Bee's Give Away!

Follow her blog too...her cookies and cakes are amazing!! 
Click on her button below to get over to her blog :) Enjoy!!

Ali Bee’s Bake Shop

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bridal Shower Time

Our awesome friend, Tiffany (who booked us for our first Baby Shower gig), also booked us for her sisters bridal shower last weekend. This time NO!! This time it was...

Champagne Cupcakes filled with a Whole Fresh Strawberry and topped with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

The colors of the shower were black, white and lime green so for the cupcakes I used the orchids that have a bit of the green in the middle and a mixture of clear and lime green sanding sugar for sparkle. These cupcakes were inspired by Anjell's mom, Dana's Creations :) Then there was also...

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

Let's see...a group of bridal shower celebratin' women, champagne, cupcakes, strawberries, dark chocolate and raspberry...sounds about right to me! Who would have it any other way :) 

Congratulations to Chanel and Galen on their upcoming wedding!!


Forgot to post this!! I WON!! Yup! I entered one of Karen's give aways and I actually won!! Yay!! Check out my answer over at Karen's Cookie Blog

Karen is an awesome resource for great tutorials, ideas and supplies!! I love ordering from Karen, she always puts a sweet little extra in the box along with your order, like the bag of sprinkles in the photo above! Not to mention she has so much to choose from and everything gets here so fast!! (If you get a chance check out her Alphabet Cookies ! I am in awe of them!)

Cant wait to make some bowling cookies and shirts too! Got lots of ideas coming up soon!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Newest Obsession...Sanding Sugar!!

As if I dont have enough cookie decorating obsessions...LOL!!

Ok, so I know you guys have seen many of my hibiscus already...they seem to be quite the hit and I definitely enjoy creating them. But these were different...these were special!!

Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Lemon Poppy Seed with Royal Icing and SANDING SUGAR!!

And so begins my new obsession with sanding sugar!! I had picked up some Lilac sanding sugar for the weddings cookies we were doing and while I was at the store decided I should choose a few more colors. I knew eventually we'd use them. So I got some orange, yellow, and a darker purple. 

A friend of ours, Darla, asked for some cookies for some friends she and her family have visiting from the mainland. They were going to be going on a dinner cruise and she was going to give them as gifts. I suggested the hibiscus and was she mentioned hibiscus was some of her friends favorites! PERFECT!! I figured why not make some YELLOW and ORANGE!! 

This pics a little dark but you can still see the sparkle :)

Aren't they so cute!? I call them "cookies with bling"! I had fun adding the sanding sugar to the shirts and dresses for the wedding and just knew it would be an awesome addition to my hibiscus to just kick them up a notch!! The feedback was great...Darla said they as well as their company loved the cookies!! Yay...success!

I will most definitely be back to that store to get more colors...did I mentioned they have a LOT of choices?! (heehee..I can't wait!!)  See ya soon!!

UPDATE: The cookies were enjoyed so much that one couple asked for about 6 sets to take back home with them as gifts :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wedding Time

Anjell's neighbors son got married this past Friday and they asked us to make some cookies to have at the reception. They too had a lavender theme and they asked for matching aloha print shirts and dresses. 

Tahitian Vanilla Bean with Royal Icing and Sanding Sugar
There were 20 matching sets, 40 cookies total. This was my first go with sanding sugar and I have to admit I was really excited to be trying it out and after watching SugarBelle's video tutorial on "How to Apply Sanding Sugar" over at   University of Cookie. I realized I was gonna have some fun with these!! The sanding sugar added a nice sparkle and really "dressed" these up and made them even more fitting for a wedding.

Sorry guys, these aren't the greatest was late and we needed to package them but you get the idea :)

Overall these were great to do and we are thankful for the opportunity! 
Congratulations to the new couple!!
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