Monday, May 23, 2011

"E" is for Eli!

This is Eli! How cute is this little man!? He is my cousin and I just adore him!
(Ok, so I haven't actually "met" him in person, cause my cousins live in the mainland...but...I adore him anyways!!!)

My husband was heading to their area with the band Ekolu (remember those cookies?), and so I baked up a batch of goodies for him to take to the family there. Of course Eli needed his own special couple of cookies :)

 Eli LOVED his cookies! In fact, my cousins said that his favorite word for the next few days was "cookie"! And as a bonus his Mommy sent me some adorable pictures of him enjoying them and I am going to share them with you because they are too cute to keep to myself!

Here he is checking them out...he takes his cookies very seriously!

And here he is enjoying those cookies!! "Cookie Monster"!

Of course he did share a few with his Mommy and Daddy and I also sent a sent for my Aunty and for my other cousin and his wife.

Everyone loved them and I am glad that I was able to use the opportunity to send some sugarHI love to my far away family :)

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