Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Anniversaries

The last month or so there have been quite a few anniversaries. 
(Including my TEN year wedding anniversary, tomorrow, June 23rd!!!~Ka'ala)

Here are a few of the things we came up with...

Up first are some surprise "Happy 12th Anniversary" cake shaped cookies for our friends Paul and Aran...

Then we were asked to make some "Happy 18th Anniversary" Cookies for Tad and Terri. Being that I had just been working on the ones above I used the same idea. Tad and Terri also wanted their actual wedding date on the cookie so I used the heart cake to do that one. I thought their idea was a great personal touch!

And then finally, we made a special surprise for our friends, Charles and Cheryllani, who celebrated their TWENTY FIRST wedding anniversary!! They are an awesome couple and this milestone deserved an awesome surprise. Charles likes LOVES gingerbread anything so when we saw these Lemon Creme Filled Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies from Bake at 350, we just knew they had to be a part of the gift.

We also did some regular gingerbread too. Then we made some love trees complete with "heart" apples in the tree and their initials "carved" into the tree trunk. These too were inspired by Bridget at Bake at 350. (She's awesome!!) And then to top it all off we included 21 hearts to represent 21 years of marriage!

We put them in mason jars with pretty fabric and ribbon and cute little tags and put them all together in a basket. They were a huge hit!! Charles and Cheryllani were truly surprised :)

It's always great to share these special times with our friends, and great to see the smiles that they bring. We look forward to bringing more smiles to lots more in the future!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's Graduation Time!

Its's summer and that means its also graduation season! Lots of parties, celebrations and that means...lots of cookies!! These 2 parties called for lots and lots and lots of cookies that is!!

First up, a close friend of ours Kekai, graduated from high school and was having his 2nd of 3 parties, this one on the island of Moloka'i. His awesome mom, Jill, asked us to make some gifts for a few grads as well as thank you gifts for others she wanted to give out. Those consisted of pineapples and picture of guys have seen enough of those Im sure! (Although, even though there are no pics of them this time...there still may be more pics of others next time!) Jill also asked us to make some minis to go on the dessert table and this is what Anjell and I came up with. The colors of his school (and my old high school as well :) are white and blue. Also both his first and last name start with K.

Then there was my son :) Our little guy graduated from pre-school. He only went a month or so...but hey! It was still a graduation with a ceremony, certificates, luncheon and everything :) The weekend before the big day my family and I were on a much needed mini vacation at a nearby hotel so I wasnt going to be near my oven and able to make the dessert that I just so happened to sign up to bring. Oops! But not to worry, Anjell was so kind as to do them for me :) And she did an amazing job. I knew I wanted just some primary colored, simple shaped  minis but she suggested doing letters and numbers since its was for pre-school! I loved the idea and they came out great!! It was funny going to her house that morning to pick them up. It was as if I had made a order from our own!! 

Here's the bottom layer of the platter. I love how the triangles fit together so well!

My husband and I tried to keep them all nice and pretty but there were so many we had to just get them on the platter the best we could. Here's the full platter...

And then, here's a close up. LOVE this picture!! Thank you to my husband for taking this one!! And thank you to Anjell for making them for us!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Polka Dotty

Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies with Royal Icing and 
Fresh Strawberry Filled Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream

We got an inquiry for some "Thank You" cookies and cupcakes from a new, first time customer. She knew she wanted them to say Thank You and left the colors and designs basically up to us.


After seeing these adorable polka dot scrapbooking papers we were inspired to go with the polka dot theme. The purple and green went great together making these a lot of fun to do!

In addition to two dozen Thank You cookies, our new customer also wanted to order two dozen cupcakes to share as well. She went with the fresh strawberry filled cupcakes with a vanilla buttercream. YUM!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Summer!!

So the kids have been BEGGING us to do some cookies for their classmates. Every time there are extras, my daughters beg to take them to school to share with teachers and friends. I had planned on doing some cute bags of minis, maybe some suns or beach balls but then we got busy. We had multiple orders for the same week and  were running out of time!

I figured that between my girls and Anjell's son there was about 75+ students and one large cookie per kid would be faster and easier than 5 or so minis per kid. (Thats like 375+ itty bitty little cookies to decorate!)

So I baked up a bunch of big sun shaped cookies with the intention of adding smiles and sunglasses and personalized labels. The night before the last day of school came along and I was exhausted so the Mr. Sun's turned into "Happy Summer! cookies with pretty yellow ribbon. I was a little disappointed cause I just knew the Mr. Suns and matching labels would be SO cute but when  I saw my kids come home and tell me that basically most friends just ripped open the package before even making it home...I felt a lot better and keeping it simple this time!! LOL!! Plus I was happy with how they ended up anyways :)

Here's a pic of all the cookies wrapped and ready for a whole lot of 1st, 2nd and 4th graders to enjoy...and a few other projects we were working on that week too....more posts on those to come soon :)

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