Monday, November 28, 2011

Pink Black and White


I had a few projects to do a few weeks ago and since they were all around the same time, I decided to go with the same colors for each...might as well use the colors I already had mixed!
It started with a request for some "D" and "J" initial cookies that were going to be used as Thank You favors. The requested colors were...yup, you got it! Pink, Black and White!

I had 75 of each initial to work with (150 cookies total) and so wanted to use a few different designs to mix it up a bit. For starters was the "abstract" tiare flower cookie. I say "abstract" because you cant really fit a whole tiare on initial cookies, so I had to kinda work with whatever surface space I had. (My husband actually designed these. He sketched them and I turned them into a cookie :) Thanks hon!) The sisters that wanted the cookies are hardly ever without their signature flower behind their ears, so this was the perfect cookie for them!

Then I decided to go with the brush embroidery technique that we have all come to know and love!

And finally to spice things up a bit...some zebra print!

This was a REALLY fun set to do. I think that it captured a very fun, flirty, feminine feeling. 

The ladies were very happy...and as usual that makes it all worth it!

The next set, was some thank you cookies for my mom's doctor, Dr. Lakhani. My mom recently had surgery, (Shes continuing to heal and doing well!) and her doctor did such a great job and was such a sweetheart throughout the whole process so my mom wanted a little something to give to her at her post op appointment. And this is what I came up with....

Dr. Lakhani was very surprised and grateful for the cookies. She even gave my mom a great big hug!!

The final set, was for a friend of mine that had her 3rd child, a precious new baby girl named Aleyna Madison. (How pretty is that name?!) And how perfect was it that I was using pink, black and white this particular week?!
These are the pretty cookies I made for the pretty new little girl...

I've done quite a few onesies over time but these were my first ever carriages and rattles and I must say that these are a lot of fun to make. Can't wait for another chance to make some!

My friend was very excited to receive these and she called me and said that she and her oldest daughter couldnt stop looking at them and that she had taken a ton of pictures of them :) Yay!! 

Overall, Id say pink, black and white is one of my favorite colors combos to work with! These were great projects to work on and I look forward to more to come!

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