Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Heartfelt Expressions........

Love is.............

Well, it's been so long you probably forgot... but here FINALLY, are the wedding cookies for my 
brother's wedding. (refer to post of my sis-in-laws bridal shower cookies).

Inspired by one of many beautiful sets by Haniela, (just click her name for a link to my inspiration) I fell in love with these.  Haniela added a monogram to her's, however, once I was at this point, the bride and groom loved the simplicity of them just like this.  And who was I to argue with that?! I still had the other half to do with their names and wedding date on them.  My hand was grateful....

To add a little excitement, I was finishing decorating these cookies the night of the tsunami.  We were safe where we were, but my husband was on another island, the wedding was in two days and the sirens were going off all through the night! The adrenaline from it all made it difficult to have a steady hand.... 
good excuse, huh?

 I must say, there is extra fun in doing cookies for the ones you love.  I really enjoyed these, and they survived through a lot.  Including a plane ride from Maui to Oahu.  And my mom just mentioned that she was still eating some of this exact set of cookie leftovers just a couple weeks ago, and she said they STILL tasted great.  Fresh is best, but it's nice to know they held up well. 

The other half was personalized with their names and their wedding date, and they were adorably packaged by the bride, groom, brides mom and sisters, and my sweet HUSBAND!  Where was I? sleeping.......anyways, they were in a clear package with gray & white bakers twine and sealed with a Thank You label then alternated and laid out at each place setting on the tables.  

Well there you go, the wedding was amazing! And I'm not just being partial,  it really was a wonderful night of memories. 
(Now..... what cookies should I make for your 1 year anniversary?..............)

Congratulations JOEL & SANDY! 
Love you!

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