Friday, May 20, 2011

BUSN 170

Lemon Poppy Seed with Royal Icing. These weren't the "prettiest" cookies I have ever made so they deserved a "pretty"platter to take a picture on :)

Rhonda, a friend of mine since I was very young, is a teacher at the local college here and contacted us to do End of the Semester cookies for her students as gifts. She teaches various business classes there and the first set she asked us for were filing cabinets for her records management class. How creative is that idea?! 

I got to work trying to figure out just how to create a filing cabinet cookie...and this is what I ended up with.

Because I don't have a rectangle cutter, I used a square side by side to make a gentle impression on the dough. Then I used the handy mini roll cutter that I got on a trip to Oahu to cut out the rectangles. This was the first time I actually used this tool and it worked perfectly for this occasion. Not only did I get a perfect rectangle but I also got a great guide line baked right onto the cookie from the impression of the square cutter to make sure my piped squares were actual squares!

Funny thing is, when I first looked at the color of the cabinet I had chosen, I though that's an easy color to make, better than gray or black that I'd have to make ahead and then let sit to develop. But, it actually took a while for me to get the shade just right. In the end I was very pleased with the result.

I flooded in stages to add dimension to the look of the icing. This is a tip I picked up from Callye. (I told you she was my cookie idol!) Once each stage dried and I had the whole thing covered, I added the details like the handles and the little lock in the top corner and used the class name BUSN 170 as the labels on the drawers. 

I sent a picture of them to Anjell when I was done and she loved them and could recognize them as filing cabinets and then showed them to my mom and she too knew what they were so I knew I was!! I think sometimes you have a vision of a cookie in your head and then stare at it so long while you are making them that you need some fresh eyes to reassure you :)

I delivered these to Rhonda the day before the class and she was so happy with them. She mentioned later to me that many in the class didn't want to want to eat them because they were too cool to look at! In fact one student started to nibble on the cookie and was told by another..."What are you doing?! You are not supposed to eat them!" She wrapped it back up and put it on the side but did say it was very yummy!!

Yes, friends...we do encourage you to EAT the cookie!! Not only are they pretty but they do taste pretty awesome is we do say so ourselves...LOL!! 

This was a fun set to do....but Rhonda had one more in mind for her other classes. Stayed tuned to see those real soon!!

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