Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's a boy!

Lemon Poppy Seed Roll Out Cookie with Lemon Icing

We did our first baby shower this week :) Our friend, Tiffany asked us if we'd be interested in doing some cookies for a shower she was helping to plan and of course we said "YES!" She laughed cause initially she had asked me while we were chatting on the computer and I got so excited and started typing a ton and she said "Whoa! I got you all excited!" LOL!! Yes, she did! We've been waiting and waiting for a baby shower and a chance to do onesie cookies!

Invitation, Sketch, Sample Cookie and Finished Product

She gave us the invite to go off of as far as colors. We already love the colors, brown and blue and green...whats not to love?! So we sketched a few and this was our favorite. Anjell did an awesome job on the labels...something I was totally afraid to even attempt cause I have no idea how to do that stuff! We learned ALOT on this set. For one, that brown is a REALLY hard color to work with. That certain techniques really are better than others and that its good to always make extras!!

30 Favors Packed and ready for delivery

Pick up was around 2:30pm today and yes, we made the deadline :) We are proud of our finished product. There's nothing like seeing them all packaged, pretty and lined up waiting for delivery...its a great feeling!

Some of the lovely ladies from the shower including mommy-to-be Becky (middle) and 
Tiffany (next to her on the right) with some sugarHI creations

The cookies were a hit and Tiffany was kind enough to get a few of the girls together for a picture and send it to me in time for the blog! Thanks for the picture and thanks for allowing us to contribute to the shower!

Congratulations to Becky, Chris and big sister Bella! We all can't wait to meet Baby Garrett!!


  1. I love these! The packaging is perfect, they look so good. I have cookie envy right now.


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