Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Go Packers!!

Yay! Go Packers!!

Ummm...to be completely honest...I really dont care about football at all...lol!! But I know that a large majority of the people were tuned into their televisions on Sunday watching Super Bowl XLV, whether it be for the commercials, for half time or for the game itself.

I, myself, only watched half time and that was good. I figured it'd would be a good time for me to get in some practice and step outside of my comfort zone a little bit so above is what I came up with. Originally, I was going to make both teams and football sayings and a trophy, but these are the best of what I ended up doing. I did do a trophy, but instead of gray it dried pretty much black...not really what I was going for.

Anyway... to all you Green Bay fans out there, congratulations!! For you Steeler fans...sorry!! Maybe next year?!

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