Monday, April 11, 2011

Ekolu's "Simply for Love" CD Release Party

 When we found out it was time for Ekolu's CD Release party at Mulligans for their new album "Simply for Love"album, we knew it was time for a very special batch of cookies!! We set out to find a good picture of their logo and their name and got to work developing the stencils. It took a couple tries but the logo ended up being a layer of 3 stencils and we were really happy with the results. We also stenciled their name because we wanted to make sure everything was just right.

 We figured we should add one more design and after looking at the album cover, realized that the silhouette would be a great place to start.

So here is the variety we came up with!!

Number One: We went with the red, yellow, green background (all reggae bands need red, yellow!!)  featuring their signature logo.
(Tahitian Vanillla Bean with Royal Icing and Black Food Writer)

Number Two: We picked a color similar to one  from the album cover and used that as the base. We then used the silhouette stencil and simple lettering as the cover had.
(Lemon Poppy Seed with Royal Icing)

Number Three: We really like how this one came out! It was nice to have one color section for each word.
(Tahitian Vanilla Bean with Royal Icing)

Number Four: The band's name is very distinctive as well so we made sure to stencil it so it was accurate.
(Tahitian Vanilla Bean with Royal Icing and Black Food Writer)

Number Five: Love this one!! The stencil we created for their name was the perfect size to fit right in the middle of the stencil we made for their logo. Sometimes you gotta just try things and this worked out great!! 
(Tahitian Vanilla Bean with Royal Icing and Black Food Writer)

Numbers Six and Seven:  We wanted to have a good variety so we tried out the logo on the blue as well as the name and half logo on the other...just to spice things up a little!


The band loved them! We presented them to the lead singer Lukela (far right) before the show and got to take some pictures with him and the other band members such as Makapu (next to Lukela)  and Mikey (far left). After the show we got a pic with Ka'ala's brother-in -law, Tom (far left in the picture on the right) , too.

Overall this project was a HUGE success and we are glad to have stepped up for the challenge. The evening was lots of fun, the music was AWESOME and it will definitely be a night to remember!!

Much "Mahalos!" to the entire Ekolu family for all the love and support!! They have posted about us on Facebook and the response has been amazing and much appreciated!! Check them out on Facebook and over at their official website You can find out more info about the band there as well as purchase their new "Simply for Love" Album!! Go get it!!

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