Thursday, March 10, 2011


Forgot to post this!! I WON!! Yup! I entered one of Karen's give aways and I actually won!! Yay!! Check out my answer over at Karen's Cookie Blog

Karen is an awesome resource for great tutorials, ideas and supplies!! I love ordering from Karen, she always puts a sweet little extra in the box along with your order, like the bag of sprinkles in the photo above! Not to mention she has so much to choose from and everything gets here so fast!! (If you get a chance check out her Alphabet Cookies ! I am in awe of them!)

Cant wait to make some bowling cookies and shirts too! Got lots of ideas coming up soon!!


  1. Congrats on winning!

    (that bowling cutter had me thinking it was a naughty kind of cutter, lmao!)

  2. Ka'ala, the bowling cutter looks like it could be used to make an 'ukulele or guitar in front of a drum case or something... Your cookies look delish!!! =)


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