Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Newest Obsession...Sanding Sugar!!

As if I dont have enough cookie decorating obsessions...LOL!!

Ok, so I know you guys have seen many of my hibiscus already...they seem to be quite the hit and I definitely enjoy creating them. But these were different...these were special!!

Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Lemon Poppy Seed with Royal Icing and SANDING SUGAR!!

And so begins my new obsession with sanding sugar!! I had picked up some Lilac sanding sugar for the weddings cookies we were doing and while I was at the store decided I should choose a few more colors. I knew eventually we'd use them. So I got some orange, yellow, and a darker purple. 

A friend of ours, Darla, asked for some cookies for some friends she and her family have visiting from the mainland. They were going to be going on a dinner cruise and she was going to give them as gifts. I suggested the hibiscus and was she mentioned hibiscus was some of her friends favorites! PERFECT!! I figured why not make some YELLOW and ORANGE!! 

This pics a little dark but you can still see the sparkle :)

Aren't they so cute!? I call them "cookies with bling"! I had fun adding the sanding sugar to the shirts and dresses for the wedding and just knew it would be an awesome addition to my hibiscus to just kick them up a notch!! The feedback was great...Darla said they as well as their company loved the cookies!! Yay...success!

I will most definitely be back to that store to get more colors...did I mentioned they have a LOT of choices?! (heehee..I can't wait!!)  See ya soon!!

UPDATE: The cookies were enjoyed so much that one couple asked for about 6 sets to take back home with them as gifts :)

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