Monday, January 24, 2011

Plumerias and Maui

I'll admit it...these scared me. Seriously! I had my hopes so high and the picture in my head was clear but I wasn't sure I was going to be able to translate that to the actual cookie. 

I confidently baked up a batch, made my shapes and then...

...let them sit in their nice container, and left them there. Walked by them, walked by them again and just couldn't get myself to start them.

FINALLY...after getting the kids to bed one evening, turning on some Taylor Swift, (I know, kinda funny listening to country while decorating Hawaiian cookies!)  and getting my icings in order, I just went for it and let the creativity roll.

Now, mostly we'd like to share only our beautiful, pretty successes but...from time to time, I guess we'll share some not so successful attempts.... and there was one of them that evening.

FAIL! I over flooded and had a spill on one of my plumerias!

Oops...oh well! I didnt let it stop there were like 10 other ones so I was willing to sacrifice the one cookie, and learned a great lesson! Less sometimes is more :) Also, as you notice in the picture, I did try some pink plumerias, however, I was a little overzealous when mixing my color and so rather than a nice pale pink I ended up with BRIGHT pink and that wasnt really what I was going for. 

There were a few survivors though. And I am pleased with them. I have plans for more and things that I will do differently, but I am glad I finally overcame my fear of the plumeria!!

My mom happened to call and ask for some "Hawaiian-ish" cookies for some friends that are here visiting from New York...and how convenient...I happened to have some! So I bagged them up, (everything looks prettier packaged up nicely!) and delivered them to my mom. The friends loved them and are even taking one of the packages back to New York for my dads friends that are there. Yes, thats right, sugarHI's cookies are headed to NEW YORK !! So cool!!


  1. Ka'ala, those look awesome! Did you free-hand the Maui shape?

    I just ordered tons of cookie cutters from BakeItPretty; can't WAIT to use them.

    (And you have me miss Kihei/Maui tons!)

  2. congratulations!! Your creations are beautiful, awesome and just the coolest cookies I ever seen, no to mention..real ONO!!!!! Good job!!


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