Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our friend..Micah!

So we've been hanging out with our good friend Lisa's,grandson,Micah over the summer. He's been visiting from another island and this kid is awesome! He plays so well with my kids, is very well behaved and HILARIOUS!! We've picked up a lot of funny sayings from him that have become a regular part of our vocabulary! So when Lisa asked me to make some cookies for him before he headed back to his parents, I was more than happy to do so! She mentioned maybe doing some sports cookies which I hadnt done before but I was up for the challenge. I also decided to try out some mickey mouse cookies considering Micah, Lisa, Kayla, Ona and Nana had just gone to Disneyland...and Lisa and Kayla brought me back some awesome mickey cutters!!

The only cookie I was a little hesitant on was the soccer ball, the others are pretty easy to free hand. When she mentioned the sports, I was kicking myself for not adding the "sports ball stencils" to my last cookie supply online order! I have looked at them many times but figured...I'll just get them next time! Whoops! 

But then I realized that I could make my own!! And that's just what I did. Good thing I stocked up on stencil paper :)

All I did was scale down a simple picture of a soccer ball I found on line and went to work with my exacto knife. The stencil was perfect! I had just enough guide lines to go off of and the rest was easy! As usual this was a great set to do! Something new to check off my list of "need-to-try-that" sets!

Packed up the cookies and off they go with Micah :) 

We had so much fun with you and can't wait to see you and hang out again!!

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